Building permit

We finally got news that our building permit is available in the first week of April. We are getting closer to our start of building, now planned for November.

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Land survey done

The Land Office did a land survey and placed 'official' land markers on our property. Hopefully this will lead to an offical 'Chanotte' paper.One more important step done.

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Update Jan 2018

Sinds there is a 'witch' hunt going on for people building in nature areas, encroaching forest areas, we went to the land office to check if we are OK. Everything…

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Google satellites

Google made an update to their satellite images in Google maps. Now clearly showing our fresh earth fill:(under the blue marker   UPDATE: Google has renewed the sattelite image, it…

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Expanding jungle

John and Pom (our neighbors) send some pictures how the jungle from our land is creeping into theirs. Lucky enough they also helped us finding someone who will take care…

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Raining season

We just got some pictures in. Clearly the raining season was good for the plants...... Onlu a short time after the land raise green is taking over again

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Land raise

The order for raising the land was given. Due to the small road we will only be able to use small trucks to deliver the earth. Calculated amount somewhere between…

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Land transfer

Thanks to the help of the family we got the land transferred to our name. 5 years of land searching, 3 years of dreaming about this piece and it finally…

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